Minka Kelly is an awe of her experience filming The Butler alongside Hollywood icons.

The 32-year-old starlet stars alongside Oprah Winfrey, Robin Williams and Forest Whitaker in the historical biopic.

The Butler’s autobiographical plot recounts major events in the life of Eugene Allen, a head butler who served eight presidents in the White House over the course of three decades. Eugene witnessed several phenomenal events with some of the most famous Americans during his employment.

Minka is honoured to be depicting First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis in the feature.

“I'm not worthy. I feel so lucky and grateful. I was like, 'What am I doing here?!' " she gushed to People magazine.

"I didn't get to meet Oprah because our shooting schedules were different, but she's a pretty loved lady. I have yet to hear a bad thing about her!"

Charlie’s Angels star Minka put her all into depicting Jackie accurately.

Jackie’s distinct accent was a challenge to mimic.

"I think she spoke in a way she thought she should speak, so getting that down was hard. There's a musicality and rhythm to the way she speaks," Minka explained.

"I went to sleep listening to her."

Curvaceous Minka found the wardrobe for the role fit her figure poorly.

"My body is so different from her because I have curves, so fitting into those vintage clothes was actually really hard," she said.

"Also it was hot – and there was a lot of wool!"

The Butler will be released later on this year.