Nicholas Hoult was left devastated at school when a badge he made didn't woo the girl of his dreams.

The 23-year-old actor recently split from Jennifer Lawrence, who he is thought to have dated for around two years. Despite the break-up, the star insists the worst heartache he has ever suffered was at the hands of his school crush.

"I made a badge for a girl when I was in infant school [attended between the ages of four to seven]. I was really young and I thought, 'This badge is going to woo her beyond belief and she's gonna fall instantly in love with me.' And she never wore it once," he told Heat magazine.

"[It was of] a tree... that probably explains it."

The star portrays a zombie who falls in love with a human woman in his latest release Warm Bodies. He thoroughly enjoyed portraying a member of the undead on the big screen, although looking back there are certain things he would do differently.

"Yeah, I got the giggles a lot," he laughed. "I felt so sorry for everyone acting with me. My character just stares a lot of the time. That was a bad choice of mine not to blink - there were some long scenes in this film and I'm there like this [squeezes eyes open]."