Jai Courtney confesses that he has an intense fear of spiders.

The 26-year-old actor stars alongside Bruce Willis in recently released action film A Good Day to Die Hard.

He is also known for his role as general Varro in TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Although Jai depicts warriors onscreen, the star admits that he is struck with terror every time he sees insects.

“I don’t handle creepy crawlers well,” he told People magazine.

“I had a spider problem at a house in Australia, and one of my female friends had to come rescue me from it.”

Jai reveals that his gentle nature is very attractive to his girlfriend of seven years actress Gemma Pranita.

Apparently she can’t get enough of his hugs and fine meals.

“I’m more likely to give you a cuddle than a punch in the face. I have a soft side, especially with my girlfriend,” he gushed.

“I send her flowers and use my culinary skills to pull off romantic meals. I do great Thai dishes.”

A Good Day to Die Hard was released in the US on Valentine’s Day.