(Cover) - EN Movies - Tim Burton is in awe of the fact that some of his most successful movies made “the 10 worst movies of the year list.”

The iconic Hollywood filmmaker has had a number of box office successes and also a few duds.

The three pictures he made in his twenties during the 1980s, Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, Beetlejuice and Batman, made a lot of money but were not lauded by many critics.

"I mean, they were on the 10 worst movies of the year list," he laughed to The Hollywood Reporter.

"I've had movies that were critically well-received that didn't make any money and movies that were terribly critically-received and made lots of money, so there's never been a real consistency."

Although he made studios a lot of money in the Eighties, Tim claims that his Academy Award-nominated 1990 film Edward Scissorhands “was one of the hardest movies to get made.”

Apparently executives are wary of investing in the unconventional director’s projects.

"Even though I was lucky enough to have success, there's something about me -- I don't know what it is -- that makes them worry about me in some way or another,” he explained.