Charlie Sheen claims he has "dug up his walk of fame star".

The actor told his Twitter followers he has removed his Hollywood Boulevard-located honour earlier today.

The former Two and a Half Men star posted a photo that appeared to show the removed faded red star, which he was awarded in 1994 for his achievements in acting.

"I DUG UP MY WALK OF FAME STAR!! (sic)" Charlie tweeted.

At the moment it remains unclear whether the 47-year-old actor was joking.

Charlie has posted a string of spontaneous activity on Twitter over the last 12 hours.

He discussed his new tattoo, along with a photo showing him receiving the inking, and tweeted a picture of some sugary snacks he was consuming for dinner.

"oh almost forgot I also went and did this.... I'll show ya all mañana what I got.... thanks for a great day!" Charlie revealed about his new tattoo.

"having a late dinner... hmmmm so many gluten free choices.... c (sic)"

Charlie also posted a strange image of him in superhero-style attire, wearing a pair of underpants over his normal clothes.

The star followed this by stating he would auction off the said underwear after Presidents’ Day, which is celebrated in the US today.

"President's day mañana Don't forget to wear your underwear on the OUTSIDE! make me proud hash tag no hash marks c (sic)," he tweeted.

Charlie's erratic behaviour is nothing new. His well-publicised battle with substances led to him being sacked from Two and a Half Men and was one of the factors in his divorce from actress Denise Richards.

The former partners have remained on relatively good terms since they split, with Charlie sending his ex-wife - and mother of two of his children - flowers as a gift for her recent birthday.

"make sure to wish @DeniseRichards a very happy bday! I did! ex oh Dee! ' #SuperMomUberBabe (sic)", Charlie tweeted along with a photo of his gift to Denise.