Jennifer Aniston is reportedly “going to great lengths” to keep her wedding from the media’s prying eyes.

The actress is gearing up to marry Justin Theroux, with rumours the pair may tie the knot within the next few weeks.

When she married ex-husband Brad Pitt in 2000, the ceremony was lavish and highly publicised.

Jennifer and Justin have kept mum on the specifics of the nuptial ceremony this time around as the stars want to prevent a furore from ensuing.

“Jen is going to great lengths to keep the wedding details a secret so it does not become a huge media circus like her wedding to Brad,” a source revealed to British newspaper The Sun.

“Just a few dozen of their closest family and friends will be there. But news is beginning to leak that the date is just a few weeks away now.

“Jen would have liked to have done it at home in Los Angeles but it looks like that would be too difficult to keep quiet.

“She doesn’t want to get married with photographers buzzing around her head in helicopters.”

Speculation is rife that the wedding will be held at an incredibly exotic location.

It is unclear as to whether the couple have decided on the spot in which they will wed though.

“Justin just adores Hawaii. It’s his favourite place in the world and he has a little house on the island of Kauai,” the source said.

“His cottage is too small to host the wedding and Jen thinks it has too many memories of his old flames anyway.

“But they both love the island and the idea of a laid back Hawaii wedding in the sunshine.

“The have looked at some expensive villas including one where they enjoyed a romantic holiday in 2011.
“And Ben Stiller, a big buddy of Justin’s, has a house over there too so that could be a surprise option.”