Richard Gere prefers to be “invisible” in Hollywood.

The actor took a short break, but has returned with a lead role in financial drama Arbitrage.

His performance earned him a Golden Globe nomination, but the 63-year-old insists he likes to keep a low profile.

"I never think that way," he assured British newspaper The Independent.

"If it's about me, then it's not going to work. Honestly. It just won't work. I have to be invisible."

Despite his modesty, the silver-haired star continues to be thought of as one of Hollywood’s most handsome men.

Having starred in successful films such as Pretty Woman and Chicago, Richard admits it’s hard not to get carried away with the fame and fortune.

However, he is now embracing the challenge actors and directors face to make more complex movies such as Arbitrage.

"We were all a bit, I hate to say greedy, but we got greedy. I was making films where I was paid very well, difficult films, studios wanted to make them, the audiences wanted to see them, and it has changed radically,” he admitted.

“We're all trying to figure out how we fit into this new world – if you want to make these kinds of movies. And no one has figured it out."

In his latest film, Richard plays a multi-billionaire who commits fraud to sell his company for a lot of money.

Although his character has unlikeable traits, he hopes the audience will find themselves rooting for him.

"This character is not reptilian," he argued.

"The conscious choice here was to make this guy [like] us, that he is a mirror, and – despite our prejudice against him – that we would find ourselves in him."