Mila Kunis has likened James Franco’s work ethic to “sadism.”

The actress stars alongside James in new movie Oz the Great and Powerful as witch Theodora, while the 34-year-old plays a good hearted wizard.

James is famous for his multi-tasking and is known to juggle art projects with blogging, acting and studying.

"I think we've done eight films together,” Mila told MTV about James’s work ethic.  

“I'm used to this. I don't know James otherwise. You want to call it drive? I call it sadism.

“He's one of the most driven human beings on the planet, and I think if he had to stand still, he wouldn't know what do to with himself."

The new film, which serves as a prequel to the 1939 classic Judy Garland movie, also stars Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz.

Mila who has known James for around seven years, also joked that he “doesn’t do enough.”

"He has way too much free time on his hands,” she laughed.

The Black Swan star revealed that the Oscar-nominated actor’s take on life is rather unique and thoughtful.

She said that he would see an average piece of furniture as “art.”

"He loves to share and experience and explore and everything he looks at as art," explained Mila.  

"From that felt on the floor he thinks is an art piece to that poster -everything is art to him."