Tina Fey confesses that she “can’t get anything done” since 30 Rock ended.

The American comedienne is mother to two children with her husband Jeff Richmond.

Tina’s hit TV comedy 30 Rock ended after seven seasons on the air in January.

The star is amazed by how busy she is even though she’s not got much on professionally at the moment.

“Why can't I get anything done? I'm still up quite early with the 19-month-old [Penelope]. Then we get our older one [Alice] off to school," she explained to USA Today.

"Then hang around with the little one until the babysitter comes at like 10, and then try and go in and do some work. Lately, your day is just gone. I catch up on doctors' appointments I didn't do in seven years."

Tina admits she’s a procrastinator who doesn't get enough sleep.

Between raising her kids with composer Jeff and trying to stay vibrant in Holllywood, she admits to loving her job.

"I like to work very much. Right now it feels like there's this window, and I'm finally free to do some things. I'm 42. That can be your headline. I think I'll be in a no man's land for movies pretty soon,” she said.

Tina has reportedly never turned to plastic surgery or injections to look younger.

Still the gorgeous funny woman believes it's a hassle to keep up her appearance.

"You know what takes a lot of time? Trying to look like a female,” she joked.

“It takes so much time. I have the premiere, and I have to go at night and get a manicure and pedicure. You know who's not getting a manicure and pedicure tonight? Rudd."