Russell Brand is convinced certain people in Hollywood may have “some kind of artificial stimulant inside them.”

The 37-year-old British comedian has enjoyed great success in Los Angeles.

Attending the famed annual Vanity Fair party in the city following the Academy Awards last month, Russell, who has been sober for over a decade, shares his observations on the crowd.

“I think those kind of social situations are designed for people who have got some kind of artificial stimulant inside them,” he told UK newspaper The Mirror.

“So sometimes you do fancy a drink and I can see why it’s necessary.

"In a way it’s a bit like a work do – it’s not that different from the average work’s Christmas party.

“I was thinking it would be nice to snog someone over by the photocopier or have a row with someone in accounts.

“[It was] alright, there were a lot of good-looking people in nice dresses. There was also enough Botox to paralyse an army. I can’t tell any more whether people are on drugs or paralysed by Botox – everyone seems to be one or the other.”

Russell, who divorced from singer Katy Perry and enjoyed a brief romance with Spice Girl Geri Halliwell last year, is known as a ladies’ man.

He confesses that there were a number of beautiful women present at the lavish affair.

“So many ladies caught my eye; it was like an assault on the senses,” Russell recalled.

"But I like that girl from Les Misérables, Samantha [Barks]. We chatted and she’s from the Isle of Man. She’s like a bedimpled, little Manx angel. She was a lovely, beautiful young woman.

“But I’m single at the moment actually and enjoying it.

"I’m trying not to roam the streets any more like the Terminator with a laser-sighted penis.

"I suppose I’m concentrating on work now and not especially looking for anyone.

“Everything’s fine with Katy [Perry]. I don’t really have anything to say on the subject... As for me and Geri, we are still friends – we were never anything but friends.”