Salma Hayek is committed to fighting for women’s rights globally.

The 46-year-old Mexican-American actress shares five-year-old daughter Valentina Paloma with French billionaire François-Henri Pinault.

Salma devotes her time to a number of philanthropic organisations and charitable causes to ensure women’s rights are honoured around the world.

The star makes it clear to Valentina that this work is extremely valuable.

“I am careful for her not to know [exactly] how big of a problem this is and the details of it. But she knows that Mommy does a lot of work for justice for women and that in many countries, sometimes our rights are not given or respected,” Salma told People magazine at the Avon Foundation’s Speak Out Against Domestic Violence campaign in New York City.

“And that we have to stand up for us as a gender. It’s important to stick together.”

Salma has worked with beauty company Avon before on humanitarian efforts for women.

She respects the brand’s commitment to bettering people’s lives.

“Every year they make an empowerment product that they give 100 per cent of what they make,” Salma said.

“This year is a charm necklace that has this infinity symbol that represents the limitless potential for the life led without violence. Of course Valentina wants the necklace herself, but that’s a good sign.”

When she is not jet-setting for business or charity, Salma prefers to spend time with her tyke.

“I’ve never been apart from her more than a five days or a week. She’s in kindergarten but actually right now in France they have holiday. The good news is that the French have a holiday every month!” Salma smiled.

“I just love waking up with her — sometimes she sleeps with me. I’m just grateful for every second that I can spend with her.”