Lily Collins "wouldn't know what to do" if she met Johnny Depp.

The 24-year-old actress is the daughter of British rocker Phil Collins and grew up in a house where Sir Elton John would regularly pop over for a cup of tea.

Lily had posters of Leonardo DiCaprio and boyband 'N Sync on her wall as a teenager, but finds it strange to be mingling with these stars now she's found fame herself.

"I never saw them as celebrities - just normal people with a lot of talent," she reflected to the latest edition of UK magazine Glamour.

"It's funny now to find myself in social situations with my former idols. [I'd never be lost for words] unless maybe it was Johnny Depp. If I met him I wouldn't know what to do with myself."

Lily is fast rising as an A-list Hollywood star after a string of roles in movies such as upcoming adventure drama The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

She's rumoured to be dating Taylor Lautner, who she met while filming Abduction, but is reluctant to discuss her love life.

"I entered into this business knowing your private life can't always remain private. I don't feel the need to profess anything publicly or confirm something that in a normal situation you wouldn't have to speak out about," she continued. "If I'm out and photographed with someone, then that is what it is. We took that chance and, whatever... it is what it is."

Lily insists her discretion is down to her upbringing. She witnessed every detail of her parents' divorce being dragged out in public when she was a child, something she wants to avoid happening again.

"That's always my natural feeling. My family went through a lot of very public situations and I saw that side of it from a young age," she admitted. "My mum raised me to be normal, and I wanted to grow up and find out who I was and who I wanted to spend time with before anyone else did."

Lily is close friends with Twilight star Kristen Stewart and The Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence. She hopes to mirror their ability to handle fame as her profile in Hollywood grows.

"Kristen and Jennifer have both done an amazing job of not letting their jobs keep them from being normal, despite being in abnormal situations, so it's about making whatever 'normal' is work for you," she finished.