Sam Claflin gave Jennifer Lawrence a box of crickets to celebrate her Oscar.

The two stars appear in The Huger Games: Catching Fire, which sees Sam join the cast as Finnick Odair and Jennifer reprise her role as Katniss Everdeen.

Earlier this year Jennifer won the best actress Academy Award for her part in Silver Linings Playbook and Sam and co-star Josh Hutcherson were keen to mark the occasion.

"Josh Hutcherson and I are like Jennifer Lawrence's younger brothers - we loved picking on her. When she came back to film after winning her Oscar, we got her a Tiffany jewellery box with a charm inside to say congrats - but put ten crickets in with it! She didn't open it until she was in her trailer - we all waited outside for the scream," he laughed to British magazine InStyle.

Sam worried about looking the part on screen when he won the role. He knew he needed to look as hunky as possible and didn't want any backlash from friends, so began feverishly working out.

"I did put pressure on myself. The character was described as an Adonis, which I really wasn't!" he laughed. "I worked out lots and swapped burgers for green stuff. I'd heard rumours about other actors who were auditioning but they'd deny it. One guy I saw at the auditions was the best-looking bloke I'd ever seen! I thought he'd get it over me."

Sam takes his growing star status in his stride and always puts his family first. He married Laura Haddock earlier this year and the pair didn't want to be too secretive about their wedding, but also asked people not to post about it on sites like Twitter.

The couple had a great day, with Sam also enjoying his bachelor party.

"I was very merry that day [bachelor party]. But it wasn't the worst... I've been so drunk before that a taxi driver and my dad had to carry me into the house after I blacked out. It's always a low point when your dad gets involved," he laughed.