A young sea captain’s future is transformed as he encounters mutiny, adventure and a beautiful fugitive in this romantic thriller set during an epic voyage to Shanghai.

Inspired by the Joseph Conrad novella, Secret Sharer is a contemporary romantic thriller set on the South China Sea.

A young sea captain (Jack Laskey) is bribed by a Chinese ship owner to scuttle his first command, a rusting cargo ship on its way to Shanghai, for an insurance scam. His inscrutable Chinese crew are suspicious from the outset and temporarily abandon ship leaving the captain completely alone on board. That night, while waiting anxiously on deck, he spies a naked body floating in the sea, tangled up in the ship's rope ladder. He pulls on the ladder and discovers the body is that of a beautiful young Chinese woman – thankfully still alive.

Clearly terrified and weak from her ordeal, her only words are "Hide me". Against his better judgment, the young captain allows Li (Zhu Zhu) to take shelter in his cabin. Dawn comes a few hours later and so does a search party, looking for a murderer….

Written and directed by Peter Fudakowski, the Producer of Academy-Award winning ‘Tsotsi’ Secret Sharer stars Jack Laskey (‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows’, TV’s ‘Endeavour’ The Globe Theatre’s ‘As You Like It) as Konrad - a merchant seaman, exiled from Europe and in search of fortune and adventure in China. Chinese actress and TV star Zhu Zhu (Cloud Atlas) is the mysterious Li who, rescued by Konrad, secretly shares his life on board the ship, her existence completely hidden from the rest of the crew.

In the tight and steamy atmosphere of the captain’s quarters, a romantically charged friendship develops between Konrad and his stowaway. All the while, up on deck, he begins to gain the respect of his motley crew. As the intimacy intensifies with his secret sharer and friendship and understanding develop with the crew as they work together to battle the elements that threaten their survival, Konrad begins to question his nefarious mission.

Featuring stunning locations and a wonderfully evocative score by composer Guy Farley, Secret Sharer is shot through with suspense and intense eroticism as the adventure at sea unfolds.

Secret Sharer will be released at UK cinemas from 20th June 2014.

Written and directed by Peter Fudakowski
Starring Jack Laskey, Zhu Zhu, Leon Dai, Hsia Ching-Ting
Release date: At cinemas from 20th June 2014
Running time: 103 mins, Cert: 12A