Jonathan Rhys Meyers failed to impress his on set crush after he filmed a nude scene for The Governess.

The Tudors actor recalled the funny story in the interview with magazine Total Film when he was asked about his most embarrassing moment on set. And it seems that a nude scene didn’t exactly help him in his bid to attract a woman.

“I had to come out of the North Sea in Scotland, balls naked. It doesn’t matter who you are as a man – the North Sea certainly f**king sorts you out,” he laughed. “And there was this girl that I really fancied on set. She was right there. I’m like, “I’ve no c**k!”

Jonathan didn’t expand on whether he managed to overcome the awkward incident on the set of the 1998 movie which starred Minnie Driver.

The 39-year-old actor is currently filming scenes for the History Channel’s hit series Vikings after recently joining the cast. His character has not yet been revealed but Jonathan is set to be a “major player” a show source has confirmed.

Jonathan revealed to Total Film he’s in the midst of filming new battle scenes, and his somewhat unconventional preparation for them.

“I’m shooting Vikings right now, so I’m in battle scenes the whole time,” he shared “I only eat a piece of fish at lunchtime, or a bowl of soup. I have to keep myself light and empty – it keeps you hungry, so you work harder.”