Hugh Laurie is using social media to try and track down the rightful owner of a Christmas parcel mistakenly delivered to his house.

The 58-year-old actor has posted a picture on Twitter of a biology book and a board game called Speak Out Kids vs Parents, asking users to identify the third item in the parcel to prove they were the correct recipient.

"Doting parent/uncle/aunt - I was sent your parcel by mistake, and can't find any way of sending it back to Amazon to make sure you get it. If you can name the third item, I'll post it to you direct," he wrote on Wednesday (06Dec17).

The post has already been retweeted 1,100 times and received 2,300 likes.

Hugh was also inundated with messages from his followers, many of whom poked fun at Dr. Gregory House, his character in hit U.S. TV show House, which saw him try and diagnose complex medical conditions that had already baffled other medical practitioners.

"Is it lupus? It's usually lupus," one person wrote, while another joked, "If only you knew where they lived, we could go break in and look for some clues."

Others praised the British star for attempting to find the correct owner of the package, with one tweeting: "Should throw in a signed complete series of House when returning. That is really sweet Hugh! Hopefully these people use twitter and see it!"

"You're adorable. Thanks for being a good human," another wrote.

Aside from the numerous hilarious responses to Hugh's tweet, he has yet to receive a reply which has led him to find the parcel's owner.