Michelle Williams scored cool mum points when she got Selena Gomez to video call her daughter.

The Manchester by the Sea actress is mother to 12-year-old Matilda, whose father is late Australian actor Heath Ledger.

While she is still too young to go to Hollywood parties, Matilda will now often ask her mum to take videos of her favourite stars at the bashes she attends.

"I’ve been shameless in the past – I have sat next to Selena Gomez, and I’m like, 'Come here, come here, you have to talk into the phone!'" she told Harper's Bazaar. "When I met Lin-Manuel Miranda, again, totally shameless. '(I said), Here’s my list of requests for you.'"

Michelle also explained that Matilda was pleased to see Christopher Plummer drafted into replace Kevin Spacey as J. Paul Getty in her new crime-thriller All the Money in the World at the last minute, after the House of Cards star was cut amidst a number of sexual harassment allegations. The actress, who portrays Gail Harris in the film, explained that while she hadn't met the veteran actor prior to shooting, the casting felt right due to her love of Christopher’s performance in classic musical The Sound of Music.

"We watched The Sound of Music again last night," the 37-year-old shared. "Because she (Matilda) was like, 'I want to see him, again, our hero.' Oh, it’s sublime. He’s sublime. Julie Andrews is sublime."

During her interview, Michelle spoke about how it was juggling parenthood with promoting her new movies, including The Greatest Showman. And she shared that she only takes on roles that really speak to her as a performer.

"(I go) by gut instinct. I read a script, I don’t have a lot of back and forth about it; I know instinctively whether it’s something I can imagine myself doing. I think, that’s the exact sort of challenge I want right now. If you don’t want to do something, there’s no talking yourself into it," she added.