Courtney Love has added her tribute to late filmmaker Milos Forman, calling her The People Vs. Larry Flynt director a "cinema giant".

The double Oscar winner died on Friday (13Apr18), after a short illness, aged 86, and many of his leading men and women have taken to social media to pay their respects.

On Sunday Love, who won a Golden Globe nomination for her role in The People Vs. Larry Flynt, offered up a lengthy tribute on Instagram, stating: "He was always gentle and always brought out my best."

Revealing the late director had to fight producers who were against the Hold singer's casting in the movie, she adds, "Milos, you were my first role model for what a real man was. Against all odds, and a horrified studio, you plucked me from an audition and used your own money to get me bonded and insured, based on my word that I would not do drugs (I did not).

"Doing a good film is fun but Milos made it a joy... Milos accepted me and my demons."

She adds, "Playing for 100k (100,000) people is awesome but it's nothing compared to being directed by this tender man, who had also seen such hardship growing up - his mother died in Auschwitz and his father rumored to have been killed by the KGB. He was once jailed for going to an Ella Fitzgerald concert along with his best friend, the young playwright (and future Czech President) Vaclav Havel.

"He was a genuine auteur and not a baby when it came to casting - zero compromise."

Hustler boss Larry Flynt and Love's co-star in the film, Edward Norton, have already paid their respects.

Flynt called Forman a true visionary, adding: "He was a remarkable man with extraordinary talent. I will miss his presence on this earth", while Norton wrote: "He was my first real mentor in filmmaking and, to this day, I’ve never worked with anyone who matched his wizardry at cultivating the 'unrepeatable moments' that made his films so magical."