The 22-year-old Canadian actress is well known for her role playing Adrianna Tate-Duncan on hit US teen series 90210.

Jessica is also a keen musician, and has recently been working on her own album. The star loves nothing more than a good karaoke session to show off her vocal skills, and admits she particularly likes performing songs from 1978 musical movie Grease.

“I usually sing a duet of Summer Nights from Grease. It’s a crowd pleaser,” she laughed to more! magazine.

Jessica is excited about unleashing her album, and thinks people will be surprised by it. The star has been strongly influenced by classical music throughout her life, although she is equally fond of contemporary pop.

“I can’t wait for everyone to hear my album. I’ve played piano since I was five, and I’ve been writing music since I was nine, so I love the classical sound – but this is like Beethoven went clubbing. It’s quite Rihanna and Lady Gaga,” she added.

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