Baywatch star Priyanka Chopra always falls for a well-written love letter.

The Indian actress, who is currently dating pop singer Nick Jonas, admits she's not a "flowers and chocolate" girl, and expects her suitors to try a bit harder to win her over.

"I like thoughtful things done for me," she tells Entertainment Tonight. "I've been very lucky in that department; I've had very special things done for me...

"I love gifts, of course... which girl doesn't? But I think it's the written word that always makes me happy - something written down, a letter, a note."

And one suitor she won't identify really impressed her with a Valentine's Day gift: "There was this one Valentine’s Day where I had a letter handwritten and a flower, like a rose, and it came to me every hour of that day. Super sweet things like that is something I appreciate.

"Do not ever get me chocolate and flowers."

Priyanka insists she's "super romantic", adding, "I'm super mushy, and I think, 'Why not?' You know, when you love someone or when you care about somebody, making them feel special and giving attention is the most important thing."

Love and happiness makes her feel sexy and confident: "I think I feel my most beautiful when I’m happy. I really feel like the best thing a woman can wear is her confidence. Your clothes, your shoes, your bags, all of that is the packaging. But when you have confidence, the world buys whatever you sell."

And it seems her romance with Nick has put marriage on the life map for the actress.

"I love the idea of getting married, I totally want to get married at some point," she tells ET.