Sam Taylor-Johnson struggled to find movies to direct after the success of Fifty Shades of Grey.

She took charge of the first movie in the highly-popular film franchise, which grossed $571 million (GBP438 million) worldwide, and she expected to be offered project after project following her success, but nothing came her way.

She tells IndieWire, "I literally was scrambling still, in exactly the same position I was prior to that.

"I'd say to my agent, 'I love this book. I really love it. What's the deal with it...? I know I'm fully capable'."

"I've done a short film," she adds. "I've done an indie. I've done a blockbuster. I've done a TV show. I've just now done extreme small budget. I'm experienced across the board. I've shown I'm capable, but I'm still far down the list."

Sam also felt anxious about returning to work quickly after having children with her husband, actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, because she worried she would lose out on projects if she spent too long away from filmmaking.

"After I did Nowhere Boy, and we had two kids, I was very aware that that was going to reduce my stock," she says. "I had this innate panic that I had to finish nursing and get back out there and do meetings, and show that I was still present because if I left it too long, I was the mom at home with four kids...

"It was that thing that I don't want to become irrelevant to the filmmaking world just because I have kids. I want to show that I can still do it."

"It's sort of sad that you have to feel that way, because it's such a boring thing to have to say, but no male director gets that: 'Oh, you've just had a baby. You're not going to be able to make a movie'."