Kristen Bell has gifted two new mums $30,000 (GBP23,000) for allowing her to be in the delivery room as they gave birth.

The Frozen star is gearing up to premiere the second season of her online parenting show Momsplaining with Kristen Bell, and reveals that during the new series she visits mums in labour.

"I had said to the Momsplaining team, 'I want a delivery. I want to be in the delivery room'," she told U.S. talk show host Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday (13Sep18), while introducing mums Kimberly Patel and Martha Trujillo-Gomez and the magic moments they became mothers, "and they kind of looked at me like, 'OK, that's very intimate'.

"I was like, 'Just try to make it happen. It's Hollywood!' Luckily we got some very generous moms who allowed us to be in there... I was in the splash zone!"

Bell then surprised Trujillo-Gomez by handing her $10,000 (GBP7,600) to go towards her child's education from bosses at baby product company Johnson's, who sponsor her show. She gave Patel $20,000 (GBP15,200), because she gave birth to twins.

After ticking her delivery room dream off her bucket list, mum-of-two Kristen is now considering a naked yoga class.

"I'm on this app called NextDoor and it's like your whole community can be on it... but the post I love the most is this dude from my area who is advertising his naked yoga class," she explained.

"We've never gone but I'm dying to. He does it in Griffith Park (popular Los Angeles picnic mecca)."