Filmmaker Lawrence Kasdan has spent hundreds of thousands to acquire the rights to Lou Berney's new book about the assassination of former U.S. leader President John F. Kennedy.

Kasdan, who recently penned the scripts for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Solo: A Star Wars Story, will adapt and direct November Road, the upcoming novel from the Edgar Award-winning author, and he isn't wasting any time, revealing it will be his next project.

Berney's story revolves around Frank Guidry, a man who finds himself linked to the November, 1963, assassination of JFK, and on the run from a hitman out to kill all those who had ties to the President's murder, according to Deadline.

The book is already creating literary buzz for Berney, whose most recent novel, The Long and Faraway Gone, won the Edgar Award, and it seems Kasdan can't wait to get started.

"November Road is a mesmerizing novel - a brutal, nerve-wracking crime thriller combined with a stirring, romantic love story," Kasdan said. "The book is populated by funny, surprising characters of many ages and will make a hugely entertaining and emotional movie."

The author is also thrilled by Kasdan's interest, insisting the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and The Bodyguard screenwriter is "one of the best filmmakers in the world".

"He has just the right sensitivity and humanity for a book that crosses multiple genres but is ultimately a love story," Berney says of Kasdan, who has also directed hit films like The Big Chill, Body Heat, and Silverado.