Horror movie maestro George A. Romero is hoping his legacy will live on well after his death after leaving behind over 50 scripts.

The original zombie movie king passed away in July (18), aged 77, and now his widow has revealed his films could have a life beyond his thanks to the discovery of a treasure trove of screenplays and movie ideas.

Suzanne Desrocher-Romero tells ComicBook.com, "George has many scripts. We have very many scripts that he's written. You just never know what's gonna pop up...

"George was a prolific writer. He loved to write, and we have 40, 50 scripts that he's written, and a lot of it is very good. He had a lot to say, and he still does, because I'm gonna make sure that he does. It's my mission."

At the time of his death The Night of the Living Dead director was working on Road of the Dead, but he didn't manage to complete it and the project is still in development.

"It is in the works, I think," his widow explains. "I think it's sputtered a little bit, but we'll see what happens."

There are plans to release a lost movie Romero shot in 1973: "Most people haven't seen that... We're gonna restore it, and we're gonna show it to Romero cinephiles. It's a scary movie, but it's not a horror movie, and it's about ageism... and he has a cameo in it, and it'll be fun.

"We'll show the movie, or get it distributed... It's a unique find. I'm so happy I have it."