Mark Wahlberg found himself playing out real-life home struggles onscreen in new comedy Instant Family thanks to his director pal Sean Anders.

The two friends worked together on the Daddy's Home franchise, and during production of the 2017 sequel, Daddy's Home 2, Anders witnessed first-hand the way Mark had to try and deal with his family's minor disputes with his multiple business commitments.

The filmmaker was inspired to use aspects of Mark's juggling act in the script for Instant Family, so some scenes actually gave the father-of-four a feeling of deja vu.

"Sean took a lot of things that were happening to me on Daddy's Home 2," he told U.S. breakfast show Today. "Like, I would get a phone call from my wife, she would want me to referee a fight that her and my daughter were having. I was supposed to be saying something (to them), but then nobody would listen to me, so I'd just be listening to the fight!

"All those things ended up in the script (for Instant Family)."

The movie, which stars Mark and Rose Byrne as a couple which adopts three older kids from foster care, was already a personal affair for Sean, as much of the new parents' trials and tribulations were lifted from his own experiences of adoption, and Wahlberg didn't hesitate to sign on for the project.

"I just committed to making the movie because I love the story," Mark said. "The director, Sean Anders, it's based on his real life.

He had done Daddy's Home with me, one and two, and so anything he wants to make, I'm willing to make."

The actor also had a lot of fun working alongside Bridesmaid's star Rose, with whom he formed a very playful bond.

"She's fantastic. She's so funny, so sweet," Mark smiled. "She's a mum of two and she loves to give me a hard time (about) anything and everything...! And I don't know if she likes me or not, but I love her... She's fantastic."

Instant Family, which also stars Octavia Spencer and Margo Martindale, opens in theatres next week (16Nov18).