Riverdale actress Camila Mendes feels "lighter, happier, and free" after ditching diets.

The actress opened up about her former battle with bulimia in a candid interview with People magazine, after Mendes confirmed she will lead discussions about self-care and positivity in June (19) at POPSUGAR Play/Ground, a two-day festival celebrating female wellness.

"I had always thought, 'Well, if I'm not on a diet then I'm going to gain weight'," she told People.

"I had a really open conversation with the women at (eating disorder recovery group) Project Heal and I realised I needed to give up dieting.

"It was a moment of, 'OK, I'm going to take a leap of faith and see what happens when I stop doing this. Am I going to feel lighter, happier, and free?' And I really did."

Keen to help other women do the same, Mendes continued, "I just notice a difference when I'm taking care of myself. Everything else in my life feels great.

"I try to do something for my health every day, even if it's just resting or taking a bath or making sure I eat spinach at some point. I really do think happiness starts from the inside out."

"My body hasn't changed, I just feel healthier and my mood is lighter," the 24 year old added, before sharing a little advice with fans: "Don't think about your weight. Don't think about what you look like. It's what you do with your body that matters."

However, Mendes admitted it's an issue she continues to deal with every day.

"Body acceptance is a big part of my life and something I struggle with on a daily basis," she shared. "I know it's a never-ending process for me, so I want to talk to the festival audience about the fact that it isn't this transformative thing where all of a sudden you're better and you'll never doubt your body or yourself ever again."