Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne, the most naturally gifted English midfielder of his generation” is the subject of an exciting new feature film from UK/Norwegian production company, 16:02 Films. Granted full rights and access, 16:02 Films will tell the real story of this much loved, often flawed, footballing genius.

Whilst celebrating Paul’s greatest moments on the pitch, the film will also aim to shed light onto the darkness of his very real struggles with mental health and addiction.

16:02 Films' hope and intention is that after watching the film, audiences will understand the events that shaped Paul Gascoigne into the man he is today and the footballing legend he was in his prime.

Norwegian writer/director Tom Storvik is helming the project alongside Newcastle based producer Chris Ward, who will lead the day to day activities leading up to production. The casting process is underway, and the project is going forward under the working title “30 Years of Hurt”. 16:02 Films plans to premiere the film in time for the 2020 European Championship of Football.

For director Tom Storvik, it's been an honour to have been given the opportunity of a lifetime to tell the story of one of his childhood idols.

“It is a great honour to be given the chance to tell Paul's story to the world, he has led a rich life full of highs and lows, sadness and happiness, hardships and successes – and it's been a great journey piecing together a story that will give the audience feelings of joy, sadness and compassion. It is a heavy cross to bear to ensure that the film will do Paul justice, and I am truly honoured that I have been given the chance and trust by Paul to do so. Growing up, he was one of my first footballing idols, and it's a surreal thought to think that after watching Euro ‘96 I'd be sat here 23 years later making a movie based on his life.”

Paul himself is also pleased that his life will finally be turned into a feature film after many false dawns,

"It's not easy being Gazza, but thanks to the love and support from the fans, I'm still kicking! I want this film to tell them my story...of how it was, is and will be!"

The casting process is well underway, and first choice actors for the leads are being approached. Chris Ward is enthused about the process;

"We already know in our hearts who the first choice actors and actresses will be for the key stages in Paul’s life; we are already engaging in conversations with the representatives of our first choices. The actor we want to portray Paul has been in the forefront of our minds ever since we first witnessed his acting prowess on Game of Thrones.

As a Geordie and lifelong Newcastle fan I know we must do this great story justice. To ensure this, we’re working on structuring a cast of well established names and up and coming talents. The most prominent roles will be portrayed by new talent, as not to overshadow the very real persons they are portraying."

Among the other actors already cast is a Norwegian actress, Amalie Olufsen, set to portray Paul's ex-wife Sheryl Gascoigne.

“I am beyond happy with the faith and belief put into me by the director and the rest of the creative team. I am looking forward to doing Sheryl justice and showcasing her side of the story on screen.”

Stig Frode Henriksen, known from Dead Snow and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, have also joined the project in a currently undisclosed role.

30 Years of Hurt is scheduled to enter production in London, Newcastle and Rome in October/November 2019.


- The story will cover Pauls life from early childhood to current day, with a main focus on the events of the 90s.

- The film will not be shying away from the darker sides of Pauls story, his marriage to Sheryl Gascoigne being one of them. The process of finding the best choice to portray Sheryl on screen has been an intense process, and the choice has been to give the part to the best option rather than a larger name for this reason.

- 16:02 Films is a UK/Norwegian production company formed in 2019. They are working on a slate of features, with the Paul Gascoigne biopic being the cornerstone of upcoming productions in genres ranging from drama to comedy to horror.

- Tom Storvik is a fresh director from Mo i Rana, Norway. His background prior to entering the film business is within digital marketing and creative copywriting. 30 Years of Hurt will be his feature film directorial debut, having finished the TV Pilot «WannabeZ» in 2018. He is an alumni of the Oslo department of the Norwegian School of Creative Arts.

- Paul Gascoigne is one of the world's most famous footballers, known both for his prowess on the pitch as well as his many issues and battles off it. His career spans stays with Newcastle, Tottenham, Lazio, Rangers, Everton and Middlesbrough, as well as 57 caps and 10 goals for England.