Film fans have taken to social media to share their excitement over the first official trailer for Last Christmas. 

Directed by Paul Feig from a script co-written by Bryony Kimmings and Emma Thompson, the upcoming romantic comedy is loosely inspired by the music of George Michael, especially his 1984 Wham! hit Last Christmas, and stars Emilia Clarke as Kate and Henry Golding in the role of Tom.  

Producers at Universal Pictures posted the three-minute trailer for Last Christmas online on Tuesday, with the YouTube clip already racking up more than 100,000 views and garnering a largely positive reaction on social media.  

"The Last Christmas movie is a big chunk of fan service ALL FOR ME. It combines all of my favourite things, Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding, Christmas and GEORGE MICHAEL. It's just perfect. I'm so excited although I feel like it'll break my heart," one user wrote on Twitter, while another commented, "Last Christmas is about to become a classic holiday movie. I'm already excited to watch this every year." 

And a third added: "I love everything about this already. George Michael's tunes, Emilia Clark (sic), Henry Golding, the cheesy Christmas romance of it all. Just take my money now, please and thank you!"  

However, one fan was pleased to see that the narrative of the film was different from what they had anticipated.  

"I was worried for a second there that this would be a movie where she's the only person who remembers George Michael," they wrote, poking fun at Danny Boyle's The Beatles-inspired movie Yesterday.

Last Christmas, also starring Thompson and Michelle Yeoh, is set to hit cinemas in November. It will also premiere previously unreleased material by Grammy Award-winning artist Michael, who died at the age of 53 on Christmas Day in 2016.