Olivia Newton-John has shared a health update with fans amid her ongoing cancer battle.

The singer and actress is currently fighting cancer for the third time, after first battling the disease in 1992, when she underwent a partial mastectomy and reconstruction, and again when it returned in her shoulder in 2013.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight at the Industry Dance Awards & Cancer Benefit Show at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood, California on Wednesday, she insisted she's "well and healthy" despite fighting cancer again, this time in her back.

"It was a challenging year because I broke my sacrum (a bone in the lower back) and I had to learn to walk again and everything," she shared. "But I am strong and I am back and I'm feeling good and loving every minute."

The Grease star went on to assure fans she's not letting the illness get her down, adding: "I just want everyone to know, I'm here, I'm doing great. I'm doing really well and I'm really healthy."

In an interview with 60 Minutes Australia earlier this month, the 70-year-old star confessed she wants to use her platform to raise awareness about the disease and encourage other people living with the illness to carry on embracing life.

"I am positive about my life and about my journey and I hope that can touch other people (and help them to) be positive about theirs," she smiled.