The 'Aquaman' actress is seeking to have her ex-husband's defamation lawsuit dismissed and now wants the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star to be forced into providing paperwork and other material relating to him being intoxicated, as well as "incidents of domestic violence and abuse".

In a memorandum accompanying the motion to compel, her lawyer, J. Benjamin Rottenborn, wrote: "Mr. Depp cannot seek to litigate the truth of Ms. Heard's allegations about his violent and abusive behavior while intoxicated, insist on proceeding without a protective order, and then blithely refuse to produce evidence that confirms the truth of those allegations on grounds of relevance and 'privacy.'

"In Mr. Depp's self-serving view, his privacy justifies denying discovery essential to Ms. Heard's defense, but somehow does not justify the entry of a standard protective order."

According to the request, the team want from Johnny: "All DOCUMENTS and COMMUNICATIONS between YOU and any person employed by YOU or working on your behalf pertaining to the use of narcotics by YOU or MS. HEARD from 2013 to present" and "All DOCUMENTS and COMMUNICATIONS pertaining to any treatment for alcohol or drug use or abuse by YOU or MS. HEARD from 2013 to present."

They have also asked for exchanges that mention "MS. HEARD or any of YOUR other ROMANTIC PARTNERS from 2010 to present" and "DOCUMENTS sufficient to show each time YOU were arrested and the reason(s) for the arrest."

But Johnny's lawyers have argued his ex-wife is simply trying to "smear" the 56-year-old star.

Adam Waldman said in a statement to Deadline: "Justice, three years late, has almost arrived.

"Amber Heard, previously arrested and jailed for violent domestic abuse, and then caught on tape and by dozens of eyewitnesses for her hoax accusing Johnny Depp of violent domestic abuse, is staring at her trial," the Endeavor Law Firm attorney declares. "Now her new #Timesup lawyers try to thread a difficult needle -- desperately fight to get the case dismissed out of court for the 3rd time, sweep the unambiguous testimonial evidence of her crimes under seal to hide it from the public and embolden her (curiously silent) hoax-enablers, and smear Johnny Depp with additional false innuendo. All while arguing the abuse defamation she inflicted on Johnny Depp was somehow not about Johnny Depp.

"The public is not so easily fooled and the truth is not so easily suppressed."

The 'Black Mass' actor filed his $50 million lawsuit over Amber's Washington Post piece about being a victim of domestic violence, arguing it was strongly inferred he was the perpetrator, even though he wasn't named in the article.

In response, the 33-year-old actress responded in April by detailing the alleged abuse she experienced.