Adrian Grenier says there would be a “security issue” with fans if an Entourage movie wasn’t made.

The American actor is best known for his portrayal of Vincent Chase in the HBO original series, which follows the acting career of the young A-list star and his childhood friends.

The final season of the hit programme concluded last month and a feature film is now in the pipeline.

Adrian says the Entourage movie had to happen otherwise they’d have a major problem with the popular show’s die-hard fans.

“First of all, we need more [series], unfortunately it came to an end, but it really set it up for the movie. While resolving pretty well the season and the show in general, it set it up for what’s to come,” he told the Kyle and Jackie O radio show.

“Everybody is [up for it.] You’d have a lot of upset fans [if not]. The fans would revolt. We’d have a security issue if we don’t do a movie.

“It really is up in the air. A lot of things have to happen before we start filming. We’re just waiting in the wings, and when the time is right, they’re going to call us to action.”

Adrian says filming the end of the eighth and final season was emotional to say the least. The 35-year-old star also joked he had to act as a counsellor to fans who were devastated after the ending of the show.

“We weren’t that top secret actually. It was pretty straight-forward. It was very touching. There were a lot of choked up grown men, which is weird” he laughed.

“People were definitely emotional. In the States, fans have been emotional. I’ve turned into a virtual therapist. I have to console these fans and say, ‘It’s gonna be OK, there’s gonna be a movie.’ I had to talk them off the ledge.”

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