Pamela Anderson seeks to participate in “worthwhile” efforts with her free time.

The 44-year-old actress is an active advocate of animal rights organisation PETA.

In partnership with the charity, Pamela has released a United States postal stamp this week, which displays the non-profit’s logo with the word ‘vegetarian’ inscribed on an image of her face.

The star is happy to use her celebrity to promote good causes.

“I never really considered myself too much of an actress, so it's been nice to kind of lend some meaning to a career which is bizarre and could potentially be not that fulfilling in some ways,” Pamela told Fox News at the stamp unveiling ceremony in Los Angeles this week.

“When I was on Baywatch I wrote PETA a letter and asked if I could share all this attention I was getting with something important, instead of just my boyfriends and my boobs! But I think this has really made it more worthwhile for me and it's worked! We've done a lot of great things.”

Pamela is a vegetarian and a passionate proponent for the humane treatment of animals.

“I have dedicated myself entirely to this cause,” she explained. “I really am inspired by [animal rescue and rehabilitation centre] Gentle Barn and I think my future is going to be – hopefully – having a ranch and having farm animal rescues.”

Although she would love to begin work on her future dream ranch, presently Pamela is elated with the strides she has made.

She is ecstatic about seeing her face on a stamp.

“Can you believe it? My mom is very proud!” she gushed.

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