Eva Longoria already feels like she has a “bunch of kids” because her friends are always at her home.

The actress has previously admitted she would like a family and there were constant rumours she was trying for a baby with Tony Parker before they divorced.

Eva is now happily dating Eduardo Cruz and insists she’s happy with her life the way it is.

“I have a bunch of people in my house now. I have two girlfriends who stay with me because I have such a big house,” she explained. “They take care of the house when I’m gone and it is just great to have them there. Then I have so many people visiting from Europe, and my house is always full. So I feel like I have a bunch of kids already!”

Eva is a famously good cook and has even released her own recipe book. She enjoys making food for other people, although she isn’t as keen on having meals made for her.

“I probably wouldn’t let him because I’m a control freak in the kitchen,” she laughed to Look magazine, when asked what a man would need to make to impress her.

“I think cooking is a really personal and intimate thing to share with somebody.”

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