Hugh Laurie was so “desperate” to learn how to sing he searched through videos on the internet.

The House star released his blues album, Let Them Talk, last year.

The actor wasn’t confident about his singing ability before laying down the tracks so scoured the internet looking for vocal tips.

"I'd never sung before. I went to YouTube and typed in 'how to sing',” he told British publication The Daily Express. “I was that desperate."

Unfortunately Hugh didn’t find the clips very helpful.

He wanted hints on how to help control his voice, but all he found was information about stance and breathing.

“What came up was absolutely infuriating things about posture. They don’t tell you how to sing,” he grumbled.

“Have you noticed that any human activity seems to have this requirement that you stand with your feet about a shoulder-width apart? It doesn’t matter if you’re making an omelette or digging a ditch. I know how to keep my feet about a shoulder width apart. But I need to know how to generate notes.”

Hugh also revealed that he has a photographic memory. He doesn’t learn lines, preferring to just act on the spot.

The star believes being rested and refreshed is the best way to achieve a good performance.

"I think it's more important to sleep well," he explained.

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