Khloé Kardashian has no plans of letting pregnancy deter her from living a healthy lifestyle.

Last week on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the reality star revealed she is doing everything she can to put off wearing maternity clothes for as long as possible, and on her app opened up about why staying healthy and fit (with her doctor’s supervision) is so important during her pregnancy. “Being pregnant, it's a whole different type of self-care. I still exercise to maintain my sanity and also to feel good about myself, but my workouts are not as intense as they once were,” she explained.

To celebrate her active, fit lifestyle and season 2 of her hit show Revenge Body, Khloé took over Spotify’s Workout playlist to give fans an inside look at what songs she listens to for her own ‘fitspiration.’

The playlist is full of tracks that will motivate anyone to keep their New Year’s resolutions including, Katy Perry’s diss track ‘Swish, Swish,’brother-in-law Kanye West’s hit ‘Stronger’, Beyonce’s (or should we say Sasha Fierce’s) anthem of female empowerment ‘Run The World (Girls)’ and more.