Wild Turkey and Everyman present the Bold Cinema Series – a curation of gutsy titles best enjoyed with a Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned in hand. Watch any of Wild Turkey’s bold film choices at Everyman and enjoy a complimentary Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned delivered direct to your seat in time for the opening credits.

Wild Turkey and Everyman have carefully selected the very best original stories that are raw and real for the Bold Cinema Series at Everyman. First up is SICARIO 2: SOLDADO – released on 29th June, it is a tense follow-up to the critically-acclaimed SICARIO (2015) which was nominated for three Oscars and three BAFTAs.

SICARIO 2: SOLDADO reunites, Academy Award winner, Benicio Del Toro, with Academy Award nominee, Josh Brolin, as they embark on a covert mission in Mexico. SICARIO 2: SOLDADO is for sure a film you want to see on the big screen, after wowing the critics with its incredible cinematography and gripping, fast paced story which deepens the characters and clears the way for a trilogy. It is directed by Stefano Sollima, a name you may recognise for his gritty crime-dramas like Subura (2015) and Gomorrah (2014) and is written by Taylor Sheridan – the legendary writer who wrote the original screenplay for SICARIO (2015) and Hell or High Water (2016), for which he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

The Bold Cinema Series at Everyman provides the perfect environment to enjoy a Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned. Everyman shares Wild Turkey’s passion for doing things right when it comes to quality delivery and each of their boutique cinemas has a premium bar, where film lovers can enjoy a Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned before the trailers roll. Watching a film at Everyman is always an experience, and the Bold Cinema Series is no exception, as guests will receive a complimentary 101 Old Fashioned brought straight to their comfy, spacious seats.

So why a Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned?

Wild Turkey 101 is a classic high rye bourbon loved by bartenders[i], that has stayed true to the authentic, pre-prohibition way of making bourbon.

For an Old Fashioned you are looking for a big bourbon that can stand up in terms of flavour. Wild Turkey 101 is perfect, as it’s a classic American, high proof (ABV) bourbon, it is big on age, big on flavour, it is bold and spicy thanks to its high rye content. You need the extra proof (ABV) and flavour because after you’ve added sugar, bitters, ice (water) and an orange twist to engage the senses, the bourbon still needs to sing – Wild Turkey 101 does exactly this. Bourbon is the star of the show here, so next time you’re making or ordering an Old Fashioned, make sure it’s made the right way with Wild Turkey 101.

Order a bottle of Wild Turkey 101 from Amazon UK to create an authentic Old Fashioned at home.

Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned recipe:
50ml Wild Turkey 101 

2 dashes Angostura bitters 

10 ml Sugar Syrup 

Garnish with a thick slice of orange peel

Pour half of the whiskey and all the bitters into a rocks glass with the sugar syrup, then add two cubes of ice and stir. Slowly add more ice and the remaining whiskey, whilst stirring until the sugar is diluted. Snap the orange peel over the drink to release the citrus oils and finally drop into the glass as garnish.

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