The award-winning producer and director is unhappy with what the Ghana film industry is being called.

Leila Djansi has protested to her films ever being tagged as Ghollywood.

A Ghanaian filmmaker based in the US, Leila Djansi added her voice to ongoing debate about the naming of Ghana's movie industry. In short, Dajnsi does not like the name ‘Ghollywood’.

She even went far to protest that she did not want her films to be identifies as Ghollywood films.

Over the last week, the name ‘Ghollywood’ was introduced at the Ghana 60 Years On Film Summit in Accra. It is supposed to be the marketable name by which the film industry should be known.

The name is adaptation of the more famous 'Hollywood'. But this has brought about a lot of debate with some high-profile entertainers completely shooting down the idea.

Actor and comedian, Kwaku Sintim-Misa did not mince words in asking that there should be a little more creativity.
Fellow actor, Lydia Forson quote-tweeted KSM's tweet in what seems like an apparent agreement with the initial sentiments.

Leila Djansi, in an opinion piece picked up by, described the name as unoriginal and short-sighted.

She also condemned the fact that name change itself held nothing for the fortunes of the film industry in Ghana. She was reluctant to submit to the hope that things might change because of a new name.

Djansi is an acclaimed filmmaker. In 2010, her debut feature, 'I Sing of a Well' was nominated for 11 African Movie Academy Awards. The film won 3 awards: Best Sound, Best Costume and the Jury Special Award for Over-All Best Film.

Djansi's third directorial effort 'Ties That Bind' received a Black Reel Awards Nomination in 2012. The film also won the Best Diaspora film at the 2012 San Diego Black Film Festival.

Source: Yen - Ghana news today

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