Romantic films are a real cure for the soul. Could there be something better than watching a good film, where the main characters get into difficult life circumstances and triumphantly leave them? Romantic films make us re-believe in life and believe in our own strength.

Nothing can replace the cozy evenings held in the company with the second half. And if you add a great romantic film to all this, you will have an ideal leisure.

In this article, we have collected films that are ideal for such an evening. Most of them have not yet been released, but you will have what to expect and what to live for. Enjoy!


Directed by: Hans Weingartner

Actors: Mala Emde, Anton Speaker, Thomas Schmuckert, Steven Lange, Martin Neuhaus, Hanna Schroeder and others.

Students Jule and Yang leave Berlin together in an old house on wheels and travel south, but for various reasons. Ahead of them, there are unexpected discoveries and a complex, but fascinating process of knowing each other and the world around.


2018 for fans of "adult" melodramas will begin with a special gift - in January, we will finally see the long-awaited picture "Immersion", a thriller with elements of melodrama, the main roles in which were played by the stars such as James McAvoy and Alicia Vikander. "Immersion" is both an adventure thriller and a love story between two heroes, separated by thousands of miles and looking into the face of death: the scout James languishes in captivity with Somali militants, and the scientist Daniel explores the most dangerous depths of the ocean in the bathyscaphe. Memories of joint happiness found as a Christmas miracle, consoled both heroes.

Fifty Shades Freed

The final part of the scandalous melodrama will again show viewers the inside of the love story of Anastasia and Christian. The newlyweds hope to leave a gloomy past behind, but very soon Anastasia finds out that new threats can destroy the scarcely found happiness even before lovers enjoy a barely concluded marriage.


One of the most anticipated Russian romantic movies of 2018, the sports drama "Ice" will please viewers not so much with melodramatic twists of the plot or star cast, as a real heat of passion - it is in professional sports, sports of high achievements, where emotions are hot like nowhere.

How to Talk to Girls at Parties

A very interesting picture from director John Cameron Mitchell unites several genres: "How to talk to girls at parties" is a comedy story with elements of fantasy and melodrama unfolding in the seventies against the background of punk music. In the center of the story is a trio of punk friends who go to a party full of charming girls, and then realize that their new charming acquaintances are actually extraterrestrials.


Russian drama "Dovlatov" is replete with star representatives of Russian movie industry: the film was shot by a wonderful director Alexei German Jr., and the main roles were played by Elena Liadova, Danila Kozlovsky, and Svetlana Khodchenkova. The picture is based on a very melodramatic story and tells about several days of the life of the famous writer, Sergei Dovlatov, and his entourage - the future wife of Elena, daughter, friend, and poet Joseph Brodsky. In this film, you can see most beautiful Russian girls and a beautiful story about a fantastic personality.

Midnight Sun

Perhaps, one of the most interesting novelties in the category of youth melodramas in 2018 will be the "Midnight Sun", with the actress and singer Bella Thorne and the son of the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger - Patrick in main roles.

A Star is Born

In 2018, Bradley Cooper will officially join the list of actors who are trying their hand at directing: Bradley played one of the main roles and shot the film "A Star is Born", a remake of the same melodrama with elements of a musical that was repeatedly reshot in Hollywood. In one version of the classic story about the Hollywood starlet, which gradually ascends to the starry Olympus with the help of an aging musician-alcoholic, Barbra Streisand starred in the main role, and in the remake of Bradley Cooper, this role will be played by the famous singer Lady Gaga.

Mamma Mia! 2

Fans of musicals in 2018 will have many reasons to visit cinemas, and one of the most significant such occasions is the continuation of the musical "Mamma Mia" on the songs of the legendary ABBA band. The film will be both a sequel and a prehistory of the original picture.

Alita: Battle Angel

Another attempt by Hollywood to make a film based on a manga - Japanese comic books. This time, the director's chair will be occupied by Robert Rodriguez, known for his original approach to making films. The history of Alita is at the same time a very cruel and romantic tale of love, good and evil.

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