How do you stream your favorite films from abroad? What torrent website is your favorite one? Do you use a special program or just limit your content to whatever is available in a particular region?

If you join the rows of those who feels lacking their favorite TV-shows and movies abroad only because of not being able to stream them in a different region, you need a VPN. In fact, it's only one of the countless reasons for you to get a VPN. For more info about torrents and VPNs check bestvpnrating to get more articles on the topic.

VPN: Data Security, Anonymity, and Movie Streaming

A VPN stands for a virtual private network. It is a piece of software, which provides a secure connection between your computer and a server online. To make a long story short, it is a secure way of connecting to a global network. A VPN is represented by an invisible tunnel, which the encrypted traffic is going through. An encryption is coding. Thus, when going through a VPN tunnel your data is 100% coded, which makes it unreachable for other users online.

Nowadays, a VPN is used for a lot of reasons. When ordinary Internet users install it for online streaming, businesses and corporations have it for data security. But with the rapid growth of mobile computing and the role of technology in our lives, it is recommended for any user to have a VPN as a data security tool as well. If you're interested, check this site for more information on tech development and progress.

There are three main functions of a VPN:

● data security and privacy online;
● anonymity;
● better Internet experience, which is getting access to previously blocked websites and platforms.

Getting access to previously restricted and blocked websites is what we've mentioned at the beginning of the article. Have you ever tried to watch your favorite TV-shows abroad, but couldn't do it because of geographical restrictions? This is when a VPN can help a lot. It provides access to most streaming and file sharing websites no matter what country you're in. So, now even on vacations in another country, you will be able to follow your favorite TV-shows without missing a new episode.

Another great reason to have a VPN while traveling is unprotected public networks. Free WiFi zones are very dangerous for those computers, which don't have a VPN installed. For a hacker, a public network is the easiest way to reach your laptop, tablet, and smartphone. So, if you don't have a VPN, it is better not to use free WiFI signals in the airports, hotels, and in public places in general. Or get a VPN and don't worry about this at all.
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