You might have heard that money and success will change people, especially when this happens very fact. Even more, if that person is not only rich but also in the public eye like film celebrities.

Some get caught up in crazy shopping habits with items that are unnecessary encrusted with diamond and others will buy turquoise poodles. Others will inevitably fall into the arms of gambling, and in this article, with the support of UK Casino Online comparison site, we take a look at some top film celebrities that are gambling a lot of money regularly.

We have compiled a list that shouldn't be too surprising if you are a film fan. Apart one or two celebrities, all the others are expected to have been involved in gambling as they have also been addicted to other things. In addition to gambling addicted film celebrities, we have also listed a couple of actresses that, despite do not have an addiction, they have been seen in gambling environments with friends. Are they in danger of getting addicted too soon?

Don't you believe it? It is true, Peter Parker is a poker addict, and he has lost quite a lot of money in the process. In 2011 Tobey Maguire got in trouble as he was linked with underground gambling rings where he was playing in high-stakes poker tournaments with other film celebrities. Ponzi-scheme runner Brad Ruderman is reportedly lost over £250,000 to Spiderman but since it was all illegal the victim sued for the money. This is one of the most surprising actor in the list as far as we are concerned. Tobey Maguire didn’t seem someone that would fall that easily for addictions but here you go!

Game of Thrones superstar Sansa is also playing with her college friends from time to time. Unofficial reports saying tough that she is more interested in bringing drinks for friends that are gambling from the bar that getting seriously involved in the games. Probably better that way!

Even though Jennifer Garner had thousands of reasons to justify the Bennifer 2.0's end, she pointed to Ben Affleck's gambling addiction as the leading cause for the divorce, in addition to heavy drinking of course.
Yes, Ben has always been involved in Vegas and has also been banned from some casinos for counting cards. How romantic!
We hope that Ben Affleck will resolve his drinking addictions as this is very much linked with gambling so he might well take to birds with one stone.

Michael Jordan shocked everyone when he decided to retire from basketball and do you know why he did that? So that he could have more time gambling! Some also say that he was suspended by the NBA secretly to avoid scandals to damage the reputation of the game. Everything is obviously unconfirmed but considering the gambling history of Michael Jordan we wouldn’t been too surprised if that was the truth.

Back in 1992, Jordan had to testify in a trial of a drug dealer to explain why a check of £50,000 was signed with his name. Despite initially saying it was for a business deal he eventually admitted it was to pay gambling losses. Just a year later businessman Equinas said to have won £800,000 from Jordan after some successful golf bets.

No, Jamie didn't have gambling problems he was only arrested due to his extracurricular activities. In 2003 he and his sister were arrested after refusing to leave a casino.

Things got out of hands for the Django Unchained star that was charged with resisting arrest and trespassing. Any questions about why Katie Holmes has mellowed him out?

He had to be in the list. Are you surprised? Surely not. Sheen has had all sorts of addictions in his life and surely gambling is one of those. The former Two and a Half Men actor was spending around £180,000 a week in gambling when ex-wife Denise Richards decided to file for divorce in 2011.

Things didn't calm down for Sheen that in December 2016 was found connected to a gambling ring linked with the mafia. Well, well!

Ok, John McCain wasn't a film celebrity but he was a POW, a cancer survivor and also a high roller!
This is at least what they say on the street. The former senator is said to have immediately hit the craps table after the defeat in the presidential campaign in 2000. And he did the same thing also in 2007 when he once again failed to reach the 1st job in the world.

McCain is a fan of gambling and has used his political position to help the casinos industry with laws that have contributed to take gambling out of troubles. Las Vegas in return has earned £1,800,000 and £400,000 in several fundraisers for the former senator.

Jessica Alba is all about natural lifestyle. Apparently, she is very attached to her money, and from time to time she is willing to see how far the (money) can go for her in a casino. She never bet much and probably she is just doing for being seen out and about rather then anything else.

Last but not least. Surely Bill Cosby has significantly fallen from film star grace but his illegal activities are spanning deeper than what you already know. Already back in the 1980s, Cosby was betting hundreds of thousands of pounds on his favourite team, the Miami Dolphins.

An imprisoned bookmaker said that Cosby was betting nearly every week for around £350,000 every time.

The American Pie beauty is very much into poker playing. She has been playing for years and she is more and more involved. Recently she was accused of having a home gambling ring but there weren’t enough proves to commit her. Surely she has taken part on numerous poker tournaments and she does pretty well so she must be continuously practising.

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