Seven renowned animators have been selected to create a series of micro-shorts, commissioned by Animate Projects and Anim18, as part of the Anim18 programme - a UK-wide celebration of British animation taking place until December 2018.

The animators are: Jessica Ashman, Leo Crane, Ian Gouldstone, Anushka Kishani Naanayakkara, Osbert Parker & Laurie Hill, and Kate Sullivan.

Hold Tight by Jessica Ashman from Animate Projects on Vimeo.

Each animator brings their distinctive voice and animation style to these bitesize treats. Across the six films pixilation, hand drawn, digital, stop motion, charcoal, and cut-out animation techniques have been employed. The joy of the craft of animation that these films encapsulate aims to serve as inspiration for the viewer.

Working in collaboration with other creative talents and a range of subjects, the animators reflect on the collective and individual experiences of people living in the UK today. They are playful, joyful, and eye-catching gems, designed to be discovered in the viewer’s Instagram feed, that they will want to share, repost, like, and comment on.

Together the films present an exciting and vibrant collection of stories exploring cultural heritage, historic curiosities, devoted communities, and ways individuals navigate modern life: Leo Crane’s film offers a platform to an adopted child to share his fantastical and hopeful dreams; Ian Gouldstone takes inspiration from the inhabitants of the tower block he resides in; and Osbert Parker and Laurie Hill consider the curious tale of a wasp brought into Victorian society and cultured, and how her treatment reflects on contemporary life today.

Several of the films center on the cultural communities that the animators belong to: Anushka Kishani Naanayakkara reflects on the motivations of visitors to a Buddhist Monastery that she frequents; Kate Sullivan invites us into a meeting of the 3D enthusiasts club she takes part in; and Jessica Ashman’s film celebrates the importance of participating in Carnival culture for herself and her peers.

Abigail Addison at Animate Projects explains: “The animators were approached to pitch ideas for this project, and we were delighted with the range of ideas and techniques that were proposed. These diminutive films attest to the considerable talent and craft of the makers; they are so innovative, lively, thought provoking, and entertaining. It is a joy to be able to work with such great animation talent.”

Sally Griffith, Director of Anim18 says: “We’re really excited to be working with Animate Projects to commission these new works from such inspiring and talented animators. Throughout Anim18, we’ve seen the love that audiences have for British animation in all its guises, and we look forward to sharing these hidden stories with them on social media and in partner venues across the UK.”

Untold Tales is the latest in a series of vibrant animation projects that have been delivered by Anim18, led by Film Hub Wales and Chapter (Cardiff). The UK-wide celebration has also seen emerging animators showcasing their talent in the 48 hour Anijam challenge while scratch and sniff cinema has also been hitting big screens across the UK.

The films will be launched on Instagram and Vimeo throughout November, beginning with Hold Tight by Jessica Ashman on Tuesday 6 November. The films are available for exhibition, and will be shown together as a single-screen, looping programme in the Anim18 newly commissioned VR Gallery at QUAD, Derby, from 1 November to 3 January 2019. They also will all be screened at London Animation Club on Tuesday 6 November.


Tuesday 6 Nov - Hold Tight, Jessica Ashman
Friday 9 Nov - The Foundling, Leo Crane
Tues 13 Nov - Sir John Lubbock’s Pet Wasp, Osbert Parker & Laurie Hill
Fri 16 Nov - 144 Units, Ian Gouldstone
Tues 20 Nov - A Place to Think, Anushka Kishani Naanayakkara
Fri 23 Nov - The Stereoscopic Society, Kate Sullivan

Look out for the films at:


Anim18 VR Gallery, QUAD, Derby - here.
London Animation Club - here.