Car trouble is something that we will all be familiar with. Be it the during the long haul drive to the seaside, a quick trip to the shops or the school run, when trouble strikes time stands still.

Each year, Highways England deal with more than 85,000 breakdowns on the roads they patrol and we don't want to be counted in this statistics but unfortunately they are all too common.

Electrical problems can be some of the toughest nuts to crack when it comes to automotive diagnostics, and the newer the car the more likely that a small computer problem could cause a car’s whole electrical system to totally shut down.

One thing you must remember is to keep your insurance info in your glove compartment or on your smartphone, then you can call your provider immediately if there’s a problem. The last thing you want to be doing is scrambling around for a number by the side of a road.

Hollywood has become expert at reflecting reality and below we've collated 27 films featuring the dreaded on screen breakdown to see what vehicle maintenance lessons we can learn from the cinematic world.

Where are film characters most likely to breakdown, which cars breakdown the most and what is the most reliable car in film? Is it more likely for characters to break down on a road trip in a horror or comedy film?

All these questions and more are asked and answered below, learning form other peoples mistakes is always preferable to experiencing the real thing yourself.

Learn all you need to know and more with the help of our infographic and take note of the 27 car maintenance lessons that 27 films can teach us all.

27 Lessons From 27 Films

27 Lessons From 27 Films
Provided by Halfords Autocentre