There’s something particularly sexy about someone who knows their way around a blackjack table. Whether it’s the suave sophistication of James Bond sauntering around the casino or the rugged good looks of George Clooney, it’s clear that Hollywood has caught on as well.

As for us, fans, what’s not to love? Great acting, loads of excitement, and snazzy dressing all rolled into a delicious package. Yes, there’s nothing quite like a gambling movie to help you dream of hitting it big and giving up your day job. I know that I’ve already got my speech prepared. How about you?

Of course, in reality, most of us have to settle for the drama unfolding onscreen. Because of this, let’s go through the top gambling movies of all time.

Casino Royale
The super-sexy spy is at it again. This movie grossed a massive $599 million at the box office and earned a rating of 8/10 on IMDB. No small feat considering it showed a whole new version of Bond.

Fair enough, it was more about foiling a terrorist plot than anything else. But a lot of the action was filmed in casinos.

This is a slightly underrated movie that didn’t come close to the success of Casino Royale. It earned only $22,9 million. In its defense, that was back in 1998, so it wasn’t a dreadful box office take.

This movie stars John Malkovich, who is always worth watching. But more importantly, it’s a buddy movie of sorts.

Rain Man
Another oldie but a goodie. The movie shows Tom Cruise taking advantage of his brother’s autism to clean up at the casino. Rated as one of the best movies ever, this 1988 movie raked in $354.8 million at the box office.

What makes it even more spectacular is that it cost only $25 million to produce. (Which, admittedly back then, was a big chunk of change.)

Ocean’s Eleven
If you love heist movies, this has to be on your list. Released in 2001, this movie became an instant cult classic. It brought in a staggering $450 million at the box office. If this movie didn’t inspire you to beat the house, then you’re not a gambler at heart.

This movie is my wildcard pick. It dates all the way back to 1994 when Mel Gibson was still cool. In this movie, he surpasses himself as the cool and extremely clever Maverick. It’s a rollicking adventure set in the old west.

It made an impressive $183 million at the box office and won over the hearts of fans all over the world.

Worth a Mention
The Hangover is not technically a gambling movie. It’s more of a buddy movie. But it is set in Las Vegas so it can squeeze in here.

The movie is almost unbearably funny. As the friends try to retrace their footsteps, you sit waiting to see what trouble they’ll get into next.

Final Notes
If you look at the list above, you’ll notice that there are a lot of different movies on it. It just goes to show how adaptable the casino movie genre is. There’s something for everyone.