This follow-up to Vol 1 welcomes all the beloved puppet characters of this Sci-fi soap opera and once again the Terrahawks are forced to battle it out with Zelda – the villainous would-be conqueror of planet Earth – and her ever-increasing gang of alien fiends and monsters!

To put it upfront, we see a lot more of Zelda, her sister Cy-Star, her son Yung-Star and alien hermaphrodite It-Star than in Vol-1 which makes for endless viewing fun… Let’s face it, the baddies are always more entertaining and the visual style of these nasty alien puppets simply is a hoot for they resemble the ghoulish goth-rocker look more than the typical green-slime alien look.
At the other side of the camp we welcome back the brave Terrahawks comprised of Dr. Ninestein, Captain Mary Falconer, Ltd. Hawkey, Ltd. Hero, and Captain Kate Kestrel who is also a famous pop singer. Her talent for singing cheesy disco-tunes comes perhaps a little too much to the forefront here (depending on one’s musical taste) and it’s not bettered by the increasingly irritating “Yeah, cool dude” music biz ramblings of Andeburr Records employee Stew Dapples, who, it turns out, is under nasty Zelda’s control and kidnaps Kate. In fact, at the beginning of Vol-2 Kate has already been kidnapped by Yung-Star before being rescued by Zeroids Dix-Huit and Major Zero.
There’s also plenty of battles between the Terrahawks little helpers The Zeroids and Zelda’s own little army of The Cubes.

During the 13 episodes plenty of action awaits the Terrahawks fans and the numerous adventures include a rescue mission when one of their aircrafts, Hawkwing, flies too high and ends up stranded in space. It goes without saying that Zelda’s response is a quick one and she dispatches a new monster called Lord Tempo to locate the aircraft. Meanwhile, the other Terrahawks end up in a catatonic state courtesy of strange space flowers, leaving poor Major Zero to battle it out on his own which is no easy task for Zelda has an array of super-nasty helpers at hand including Cold Finger (a brilliant pun on the James Bond movie Goldfinger) who uses ice and water to unleash terror among potential victims, and – wait for this – the Invisible Man!
Nonetheless, monster Sporilla is captured by a pair of miners, brought back to earth and sold to a seedy sideshow entrepreneur though with devastating consequences as Zelda’s telepathic powers allow the monster to grow and grow… In the finale she dispatches her various monsters to blow up the space version of Fort Know to cause maximum economic damage but loses the battle… for now!
Far from admitting that Terrahawks have once again saved the day (and planet Earth!) Zelda hints at a new batch of even deadlier monsters, cue for Vol-3!

Once again Terrahawks creator Gerry Anderson has made the most of a vivid imagination to deliver an animated space adventure extraordinaire which looks all the more captivating thanks to this Blu-ray release!