Destination Unknown directed by Claire Ferguson and produced by Llion Roberts – who filmed the interviews over a 13-year period – relates the stories of holocaust survivors, both from those in the camps and others trying to stay out of the hands of the Nazis.

These are untold accounts, from people who are now very frail but still willing to tell their stories, or others who have never talked about their experience. It deals with their experiences during the war and after when they had to try and get their lives back together.

There is Ed Mosberg who dons a replica prison camp uniform and lectures about his experiences of the Kraków concentration camp. The couple who look at the photographs of family members who didn’t survive. There is also the man who with his grandchildren around him says that they are his answer to Hitler’s final solution.

Curiously the film concentrates much of its running time on Amon Göth who controlled the Kraków camp. This inevitably leads to his association with Oskar Schindler though this is not dwelt on. Göth was a corpulent monster capable of the most unbelievable cruelty which is vividly recounted by survivors.

Destination Unknown doesn’t offer a unique perspective on the Holocaust and this is not an academic project. It’s very human and uncomplicated format lets the interviewees tell the audience about their experiences, simply and effectively.