It can only be a comedy with a title like “Blood Shed” and it is, a very funny one. A blood hungry shed is an absurd premise though looking beyond the gore and splatter, it may just have a message for us all, or possibly not. 4/5

If you go down to the woods on any day, you won’t want to get involved with this macabre “Teddy Bear’s Picnic” and play games. The bears hanging from the trees are a creepy in the extreme and lend this film some menace. 3/5

“MAB” is a tale of a girl who takes items from her mother to strange old lady, and then dabbles further when her boyfriend pushes his desires to far. A chilling story that’s well filmed an excellent take on the witch’s curse. 3/5

The stylish Belgian film “An Eldritch Place” deals with experimentation and madness. A warning to the over-curious that there are some places that really should be left alone. 3/5

A throbbing consistent “Hum” is plaguing a plumber so he arranges to meet a quantum physicist to see if he can help. The scientist has some seemingly far our ideas and a possible connection to a bereavement in the plumber’s life. Good effects and ideas but maybe doesn’t all fall together. 3/5

“Drip Drop” from Sweden is very short silly film about a woman who returns home to find she has no water, only for it to return, dripping, later on, with some uninvited guests. 2/5

You sometimes need to be careful who you trust as in “Judgement” a man just introduced to his girlfriend’s son for the first time asks him to venture into a very dark room. Not a lot happens but effective. 2/5

A brooding film from Australia “Creswick” is about a father being helped by his daughter to move home as he’s selling up. There’s a melancholy to the place, which disturbs her and eventually manifests itself. 3/5

A lonely teenage woman Scarlett, living with her noxious, loud and sexually athletic sister, has found solace and comfort with her new girlfriend, Max, and wants to take her friendship to the next step. But she has to deal with her sleep paralysis, and a visitor. The haunting “Held Down By A Shadow” is another of the longer films and feels about right as it takes the time to deal with what must be the terror of sleep paralysis and the developing relationship between Scarlett and Max. 4/5

Thanks to “Smear” we will all now know what happens when women go to get their tests, and it’s not very pleasant, but it is very funny, though I may be missing a point somewhere! 4/5