David Tennant has certainly branched out since Dr Who with a wide range of roles, including a couple that see him develop that cold streak that periodically surfaced during Who. Kilgrave in Jessica Jones was a monster of charm and cruelty in which he showed palpable menace.

As Cale Erendreich in Bad Samaritan he’s a weasel, a rich arrogant weasel. He’s the target of Sean and Derek (Robert Sheehan and Derek Sandoval respectively) couple of burglars who acting as valets for a restaurant take the car and rob the clients. So far so sneaky and successful. Come along Erendreich who winds them up so there’s a pleasure in robbing him.

As one can guess it’s not quite what it seems and not at all straightforward. Trying to extricate themselves from the situation they are dealing with remorseless individual with no compassion.

Taken as a well-executed high-tech thriller this is a passably enjoyable film. Tennant is creepy as hell as a hyper-intelligent tech savvy individual against a pair of very annoying people, and with the FBI getting involved very late in the day, it should be a cinch.

It does however lead us on a merry, twisty dance, with a couple of very nasty shocks along the way, if quite familiar territory. The direction by Dean Devlin is functional and while impressive on the tech front has very little to offer in terms of tension.