This creature feature is in the same vein as cheapo cable staples Big Ass Spider and the Sharknado franchise. However it’s one rung up on the effects (just) with a higher profile cast and quite a sharp script. It’s ludicrous in the extreme and most will get something from it but those familiar with metal and in particular the sub-genre of 80’s hair/glam metal much of this nonsense will ring familiar.

A washed-up band with one mega hit, Sonic Grave reunite to perform at a run of the mill rock festival called No-chella. They have hopes for a comeback though while time has passed, they are still stuck in the 80’s with the leather, studs, scarves, tight garments make-up and peroxide, all in a dodgy Winnebago type car, they’re squabbling over the set.

Old habits die hard and they divert away from the main road to score some drugs, peyote in this case from a native American Bigfoot (Michael Horse) and his chum. At the same time old habits die hard with the guitarist Pager (Rhys Coiro), a mahogany faced, ageing lothario taking an interest in young scantily clad women festival goers, whose mother remembers him! Off they go into the deserts and needless to say the inevitable happens and they proceed to annoy a load of ants that as they are fought back return bigger and badder.

Cue panic, gory deaths, car sieges and mayhem; all done in the worst possible taste. Tom Arnold seems in his element and in fine form as greasy manager Danny gloriously out of time and place. Director Ron Carlson runs with a rollercoaster of knowing crassness and a throwback to a time in metal when make-up and spandex were de-rigour and, dubious attitudes to women aside, all rollicking good fun. Contrast indeed to the ultra-serious metal carnage of Lords of Chaos.