Stephanie Beacham must have been in dire need of cash to accept a part in this slice of 70’s Italian euro-trash. On an upbeat note, Super Bitch is a film so bad, it’s actually really entertaining and has ‘cult’ written all over it.

Italian trash cinema icon Ivan Rassimov plays undercover police inspector Cliff, out to expose a dubious London escort agency that sees leading dame Joanne (Stephanie Beacham) bearing pretty much all. It’s part of the job mind you, which involves her getting it on with rich and depraved clients who are then secretly filmed. Not in order to send the evidence to possible wives or girlfriends mind you, but to blackmail the clients into smuggling drugs across international borders if they prefer not to be scandalously exposed. And they do prefer not to be exposed. If you ever fancied La Beacham frolicking about on all fours, dressed in a skimpy bunny outfit and nibbling hand-fed carrots, then this is the movie for you! One must wonder on what substances the cast were on in order to film that scene! One must also wonder about the film’s various inconsistencies, for in some scenes Stephanie Beacham sports long hair and a side-fringe, while in others she dazzles with a Clara Bow-style curly bob (neither hair styles are wigs)!

While the escort agency around Joanne grows ever more powerful, wealthy and corrupt (not to mention depraved), a rival gang tries to get on top of the game: ‘Mama the Turk’ (Patricia Hayes) is head of a Mafia family and together with her deranged sons and her daughter she arrives in London, determined to secure the ‘skills’ of Joanne for her own profit – and if it means bloody murder! ‘Mama’ is a truly bonkers role for Patricia Hayes and she plays it over the top and with obvious relish – watch out for the outrageous car chase scene in which ‘Mama’ takes to the steering wheel! Not quite in the same league as Shelley Winters in Bloody Mama but a contender nonetheless!
With Super Bitch, Director Massimo Dallamano has created a violent softcore crime caper that will delight connoisseurs and collectors of 70’s European exploitation fodder.

The bonus material in this new widescreen transfer includes newly translated optional subtitles, the mini-docus “Bullets, Babes And Blood: The High Octane Action Of The Italian Police Film’ and ‘Ruggero Deodato remembers Ivan Rassimov’, collectors booklet by author and film critic Calum Waddell, as well as a reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys.