These two spine-chilling and supernatural plays were dramatised for Granada TV back in the 70’s and are now available to own for the first time on DVD.

The Ferryman (1974) is based upon a story by Kingsley Amis and stars the ever brilliant Jeremy Brett (ITV’s Sherlock Holmes) as Sheridan Owen, a successful horror novelist whose latest work, ‘The Ferryman’, gains him plenty of publicity. When the pressure gets too much, Sheridan and his wife embark on a short weekend break in the country. Mysteriously enough, they end up in a guesthouse called ‘The Ferryman Inn’ but Owen’s novel seemingly turns to reality when he realizes the inn’s owner and staff carry an uncanny resemblance to the characters in the book. Increasingly paranoid and haunted by a vision of the sinister ferryman, Owen desperately tries to avert the climax of his story.

Poor Girl (1974) is based upon a story by Elizabeth Taylor and concerns a young governess in Edwardian England, Florence Chasty (Lynne Miller). She is employed to see to the education of Hilary Wilson (Matthew Pollock), a ‘difficult’ boy with a mind and ideas of his own. Shortly after her arrival at the Wilson estate, Florence begins to suffer from chilling visions – especially whenever she looks into a mirror. While trying to fulfil her duties as a governess to the best of her ability, she becomes convinced that the family house is haunted.

These good, old-fashioned ghost stories are perfect to watch with a steaming hot cup of tea next to you, and when the weather outside is miserable!

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